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We receive an abundance of cards, letters and emails from clients, family members of clients and employees.  It is our pleasure to share some of these below.

Meron did an awesome job caring for my dad while we attended his sister’s 100th birthday in Seattle. I can’t say enough on what a wonderful person she is and the great job she did with dad!

Mark R 5/29/2019

Lynn called to let us know Charlotte passed away this morning. She said our services were lovely and that she appreciated Allyson C. so much. She was such a good caregiver!

Lynn K 5/29/2019

Dear Lina and Pam,  Christine S passed away on Feb 23,2019 after a stay in the hospital. We just moved her and she passed away in her sleep a few hours later. Our family appreciated everything you did to make my mother happy and comfortable. Thank you for your care.


Fred and Michelle J. 4/12/2019

Thank you again for you help! It has been a such refreshing experience. I have spoken to a few other care facilities before speaking to you and they were very much about getting us signed up with little “personal” connection. We greatly appreciate your approach to what can be a very emotional and difficult process, especially given that we were not able to be present.

Marianna F. 2/06/2019

Merri, Lina and CCI, Thank you for such great care of Jeff these last couple of years. We are Grateful!

Todd 10/15/2018

To everyone at Companion Care, My heartfelt thank you to all of you for caring for my father. It was a joy to meet all of you. Thank You!

Katie B 7/9/2018

Just wanted to reiterate how kind and caring both caregivers were. If ever back in town we will definitely use your services again.

Jeannette H. 6/20/2018

Thank you all for the care and compassion in caring for my John – Great Service!

Jeannie 5/31/2018

To Merri and Staff of Companion Care.  Thank you all so much for allowing me to work for your company. I thank the lord for sending me to such a caring company. You all have been patient, kind and understanding toward me. That is why when you send me on a case I try to do my best work.

Gilda F. 4/28/2018

Thank you for taking such good care of my Dad, Ron F.

Cathy 4/2018