Image: Pricing

We have provided the general pricing information below to help you understand how our pricing is structured. We understand that each situation is unique and we look forward to understanding your needs, at which time we will explain in detail the pricing specific to you.

All pricing includes ongoing care management and collaboration of our administrative and support team. The minimum commitment for care is 4 hours per visit.

Hourly Rate for a minimum of 4 hours is $26 per hour. For services performed in less time the rate is $27.25 per hour. There is a small additional charge of $1.25 per hour for weekend service.

Overnight rates depend on the amount of care required. The client may only need help one, two or three times during the night. In this case, Companion Care offers care at a reduced rate of $184 for an 8 hour shift. To qualify for this rate the caregivers must be able to get a minimum of five hours of sleep. This ensures our caregivers are able to get up and go about their day while at the same time providing our clients with the assurance they will be safe at night, all at a reduced rate.

Live-in care rates are determined on whether or not a client lives in their own residence and the frequency of care provided in a 24 hour period. Rates start at $364 per week day and $382 per weekend day.